Acting Activity Leader Active Living Kids -

Canoe Valley Community Association

Kinnickinnickers Family Centre

Last Updated: June 2015  
Description:    The position responsibilities, as follow, reflect the CVCA Board's expectations of the Acting
Activity Leader however, the CVCA Board through their Employee Liaison may ask the Acting Activity Leader to find or complete tasks and/or responsibilities beyond what is outlined below.
In general the Acting Activity Leader position is expected to:
Work independently, have initiative and use creativity in; researching, developing and implementing,
through to completion, CVCA projects according to the by-laws and mandate of the Association.  Though the position is independent in nature all CVCA activities require team efforts and the
Activity Leader must be a team player.
Performs responsible recreational work in accordance with the program standards for children
and/or youth at an assigned location.  Responsible for engaging in organized recreational activities with children ages Six (6) through Twelve (12).
Organizes and schedules activities to include appropriate games, music, arts and crafts.  Collects fees.  Performs other duties as assigned.
Essential Job Functions: Plans, organizes and conducts or participates in games, music, arts, crafts, playground
and other scheduled activities. 
Conducts daily Safety meeting with children before activities commence.
Collects fees and gives receipts.
Supervises JR Activity Leaders.
Supervises all activities to ensure the protection and safety of all participants. 
Provides a positive and authoritative approach to guiding behavior using age-appropriate limits and choices.
Encourages children to take responsibility for their role in the Active Living Kids community.
Reports to Team Leader and Active Living Kids Program Director.
Non-Essential Job Functions: Teaches good eating habits and personal hygiene.
Ensures children have proper rest periods.
Ensures children have quiet times if needed.
Ensures each child has individualized support in each activity.
General knowledge of recreational activities suitable for children ages Six (6) through Twelve (12) in a child care setting.
Ability to deal effectively with participants, encouraging participation in the various activities; and develop and maintain effective relationships with other employees, activity participants and the general public.

How to apply: Please apply in person with resume and cover letter to:
Kinnickinnickers Family Centre
1012 - 3rd Avenue, Valemount BC
Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.
Closing date: June 15, 2015 at 12:00
Reference #: 1108
                                                                                                                                  Date Posted:May 5, 2015