Community Outreach and Support Worker - Robson

Valley Support Society

Last Updated: November 5, 2015  
Hours: 15 hours per week.  JJEP Wage Grid Level 10 ($16.33 - $19.01) April 1, 2015.This is a union position, and
union membership is required.
Job Summary: The Community Outreach and Support Worker (COSW) provides client-centered and client directed
support to vulnerable individuals (19-seniors) in developing independence in accessing community and social services in the Valemount Area.  The COSW must be willing to support vulnerable clients struggling with mental health issues and physical disabilities.  The program goals are to specifically reduce isolation of vulnerable individuals and seniors and ensure that this population has adequate access to existing community and social services.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Provides support to individuals to navigate resource systems either electronically or in person.  Assist clients to identify their needs, strengths, coping skills, and level of participation in the program.
The COSW will deliver services with the aim of accessibility and inclusion for all clients regardless of their culture, physical abilities, immigration status, colour, sexual orientation, income level, choice of trade, or isolation status.
Provides clients with regular and sustained advocacy support and resource through referral, in-office or outreach services, including home visits.
Coordinates and delivers foundation IT literacy training to adults in the community of Valemount and greater community.
Provides transportation support to clients as appropriate to reduce barriers to participation for in social inclusion initiatives as well as, to attend appointments to address health, housing and financial vulnerabilities.
Recruits, trains and coordinates volunteer tutors, in order to provide clients with a flexible support and sustainable support system.
Collaborates with community service providers, in order to fully identify and address local needs and issues concerning access to resources, and to encourage social inclusion in all programs and activities and to ensure appropriate client referral, follow-up and support is available to all clients.
Responsible for hosting a minimum of 6 community education workshops focused on topics addressing issues identified by clients and other service providers.
Acts as a liaison to other related services, such as Community Adult Literacy programs, provincial and federal support services and resources.
Attends community meetings where issues can be highlighted and addressed.  Participates in interagency and related networking meetings and events, in order to increase awareness about the program's mandate and activities.
Promote the program through participating in relevant local committees and groups, advertising in local print and social media and other advertising techniques, to ensure that the services offered through this program are known to the community and other relevant stakeholders.
Maintains program records, including client intake forms, program objectives, statistical information, and promotional efforts.
Responsible for ensuring that all adults involved in the program who will have contact with the clients have passed a criminal record check conducted through the RCMP.
Responsible for gathering data to measure the programs impacts and outcomes, as well as, tracking client numbers and client activities.  Performs other job related duties as required.
Qualifications: Education, Training, and Experience:
High School Diploma and a related post-secondary undergraduate certificate or diploma; or 2 years work related work experience.
Skills and Abilities:
Excellent IT skills and understanding of internet use and protocols.
Ability to establish and maintain good interpersonal relations and a high degree of professionalism.
Ability to operate all equipment associated with the duties of the position.
Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision.
Physically able to perform the duties of the position.
Ability to communicate effectively in English and follow written and verbal instructions.
Possess written skills appropriate for report writing.
Ability to drive to meet clients and to drive clients to required services.

How to apply: Please apply to: by 4:30 pm on November 18, 2015.
Reference #: 1167
                                                                                                                                  Date Posted: November 5, 2015