Executive Chef/Kitchen Manager - Valemount Best

Western Plus

Summit Grill Restaurant

Last Updated: September 2018
Wage: Salary concurrent with experience.
           Bonus and gratuity incentives.
           Subsidized housing.
Qualifications:  A minimum of 3 years food industry service experience is required.
Red Seal cooking certification, culinary and or management diplomas preferable but not required.
Food Safe certification is mandatory.
WHMIS and First Aid certification an asset. 
Wine and Beverage courses an asset.
Job Duties: This position requires strong culinary and managerial skills.  Must be confident and have the ability to
work any position of the kitchen operation from dish-washing, line and prep cooking, menu planning and costing, inventory and ordering, customer service, food safety and sanitation procedures, scheduling, to staff management.
This position also requires flexibility to work a variety of shifts and the responsibility of covering scheduled positions for the restaurant’s hours of operations.
Job Requirements:
  • Ensure the highest level of food quality for menu items;
  • Menu planning and costing for menu items, special/seasonal menus, catering functions, and food and beverage pairing;
  • Ensures proper hygiene, sanitation, and food safety practices are followed;
  • Supervises daily food production, cleaning, and work duties;
  • Inventory control, recording, and ordering;
  • Maintains order and discipline while remaining open and respectful;
  • Controls food wastage, product rotation, and portioning;
  • Maximizes work production efficiency while maintaining high level of quality;
  • Completes staff scheduling;
  • Communicates with front of house staff, hotel management regarding menu specials, shortages, product ordering and customer needs;
  • Training new staff members, performing staff evaluations, and staff disciplinary measures;
  • Ensures kitchen equipment is in safe and in working order.
Essential Skills:
Fundamental culinary skills:  Must be able to demonstrate fundamental culinary skills including: knife skills, baking and cooking principles, cuisine styles, terminology, product knowledge, food safety and sanitation, tools and equipment, menu planning and costing.
Time management:  The ability to effectively direct and complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner is essential to this job position.
Communication skills:  Communicating with staff, customers and suppliers using reading, written and oral skills is necessary.
Active listening and learning:  It is crucial to understand what people are saying, to ask questions for insight to a problem and gather information for its solution when working in a team environment.
Teaching and coaching abilities:  With new staff joining the team it is important that you are able to confidently train the new members in all areas and to provide on-going instruction and supervision to all staff.
Computer Skills:  Basic understanding and working experience with Microsoft Word and Excel programs or equivalent, typing, e-mailing, printing, scanning and faxing is required for the job.
Organizational and problem solving:  Planning and prioritizing work tasks in the kitchen is crucial for operations to run smoothly.  Must understand the problems at hand and recognize limitations and available resources to resolve them. 
Management of resources:  This position requires the understanding and awareness of the "bottom line".  Being able to implement cost saving measures, purchasing power while keeping product waste and labour cost in check is all-important.
Technical abilities: A general knowledge and usage of tools and equipment associated with kitchen operations is required.
Personal Attributes:
Attention to detail:  A passion for cooking, creating appealing and appetizing dishes while ensuring staff is presenting high quality menu items for customers is crucial.  Also a desire for high standards regardless of the work is an invaluable attribute.
Leadership:  Leadership through example, discipline, motivation to inspire, fairness and an open approach to staff and customers are qualities looked for in this position.
Flexibility:  Must be adaptable to the ever-changing situations and challenges that come with kitchen work.
Initiative: Being able to recognize problems and implement solutions, innovate when there is no standard procedure is key to being successful in the kitchen.
Team Player:  Working well with other kitchen members to accomplish set goals is a restaurant priority.
        Strength:  The ability to handle high stress situations with composure and to work at a high level of activity
and endurance is essential.

How to apply: Please submit resume by email to Tony Bielec, General Manager at TFMB93@gmail.com
Reference #: 1466
                                                                                                                                  Date Posted: August 17, 2018