Physio Education Workshop 

DATE:  Saturday February 22, 2020
TIME:  9:45 am - 3:00 pm

COST: $80.00 + GST = $84.00 (includes lunch)
LOCATION: Dunster School Gym

INSTRUCTOR:  Christa Maxeiner

Body and spine alignment from sole to scalp.  Explore: Correct posture, movement, and balance.  Release: Shoulder, knee and hip joints.  Relax: Neck and back muscles.  Train: Levator ani and  pelvic floor muscles.  Learn to develop your own personal program.
The instructors book will be available for purchase for $18 (includes GST) so you will continue to have access to the valuable information she has taught you. 
Please wear loose clothing and bring a mat, towel, hot water bottle, and 2 tennis balls.