Project Lead - BC Child and Youth Mental Health and

Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative 

Last Updated: January 2016    
Hours: 8-16 hours per week.  Start date February 2016.
Wage: $35.00 per hour.
Job Summary: Reporting to the Steward committee and the funding body (SCC) through the staff (i.e. Practice
lead and Collaborative coach), the Project Lead will work closely with the Valemount Local Action Team; various specialists, physician groups, health authority and community stakeholders to develop and coordinate local processes related to the Local Action Team goals as outlined by the BC CYMH SU Charter.
Purpose of the Collaborative:
-Increase the number of children, youth and their families receiving timely access to integrated mental health and substance use services and supports throughout the province.
-Document examples and results of the involvement of children, youth and families in decisions related to program and system design, clinical practice and policy development, which manifest the 'family-first, people centered' goals of Healthy Minds, Healthy People.
Key Responsibilities & Duties:
1. Planning
1. Facilitates the identification of the Valemount Local Action Team objectives and measurements within the context of the BC CYMH SU Collaborative Charter and the communities of Valemount.
2. Plans and organizes the Valemount Local Action Team's Collaborative work to accomplish its community goals within the context of the BC CYMHSU Collaborative Charter, community opportunities and budget.
2. Day to Day Management
1. Facilitates local action team meetings to keep team moving toward Collaborative objectives and Local Action Teams specific aims for action period.
2. Tracks progress of local action team task/working groups.
3. Works closely with CYMHSU champions, specialists, GPs, families, co-chairs and other key stakeholders.
4. Plans work, allocating resources and defines tasks and assigns responsibility.
5. Keeps track of lessons learned.
6. With support from the Collaborative Coach, assists with the preparation and design of improvement tools and modifies based on feedback.
7. Tracks Local Action Team budget.
8. Assists in recruiting members of LAT.
3. Communication
1. Facilitates local action team meetings.
2. Keeps community partners, specialists and GP's informed about the progress of the project.
3. Facilitates physician engagement strategies with the ED of the Divisions of Family Practice and physician champions.
4. Works closely with the Collaborative Coach from ImpactBC and the Collaborative Regional Practice Initiative Lead.
5.Develops, builds on and sustains relationships with partners.
6. In coordination with Doctors of BC, develops and executes communications including events, media releases and MHSU awareness programs.
7. Attends CYMHSU Learning Sessions and Congresses and assists in preparation of presentations.
4. Monitoring & Reporting
1. Tracks project progress according to project plan, monitors and reports on progress, problems and recommended solutions to the Local Action Team, the Collaborative Coach, Practice Initiative Lead and the Shared Care Committee.
2. Implements and manages project changes to achieve project outcomes as part of a quality improvement process.
3. Facilitates the collection of regular Quality Improvement data for regular review by the Local Action Team and submission to ImpactBC.
4. Participates in the monthly Collaborative teleconferences.
5. Risk Management
1. Identifies and reports issues & risks to the Local Action Team.
2. Minimizes exposure to risks
Manages problems when things go off plan, bringing it back on track or modifying the plan with the assistance of the Local Action Team.
3. Maintains accurate and up to date documentation on tests of change and improvement processes.
Preferred Education, Training and Experience
-Diploma or Degree in health care, counselling, project management, business administration, or related discipline such as organizational development or leadership or a combination of education and experience.
-Recent, related experience in project coordination, change management, and organizational development and or primary care.
-Knowledge or experience with Child and Youth Mental Health and/or Substance Use is preferred.
Preferred Skills and Abilities
-A collaborative style of engaging children, youth, families and service providers.
-Ability to develop and follow structured project plans.
-Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
-Proven ability to use Microsoft Office Suite of tools for collection and presentation of information e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
-Ability to work independently and in cooperation with others.
-Proven ability to plan, lead, coordinate and inspire positive change.
-Group facilitation skills.
-Ability to lead and motivate people and encourage teamwork.
-Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of the Collaborative.
-A clear vision of what determines a successful product/service or event for families, youth and children.
Contractors are expected to supply their own office, laptop, phone and transportation.
This position is based on approximately 8-16 hours per week (0.2 to 0.4 FTE).
The Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative is supported by the joint BC Medical Association and the Ministry of Health Shared Care Committee, with additional support for specialist participation from the joint BCMA/Ministry of Health Specialist Services Committee.

How to apply: Please submit resume and cover letter in person to the Valemount Health Centre; by mail to:
Valemount Health Centre
Box 697
Valemount, BC
V0E 2Z0
Re: Project Lead
or, by email to:
Closing Date: January 31, 2016.
Reference #: 1171
                                                                                                                                  Date Posted: January 15, 2016