Riette Kenkel - Executive Director
Riette has been leading the Valemount Learning Society since 2009.  She is always interested in developing new programming ideas for the organization, with a focus on community needs.  Riette can be reached at

Riette Kenkel - Interim ESL/Literacy Coordinator
As of May, 2021, Riette is providing one-on-one and group-based programming to support adults with their literacy and education needs.  For information or inquiries about this programming, Riette can be reached at

Katerina Tinsley - Bookkeeper/Program Coordinator
Katerina has been our bookkeeper since 2017, and has also held a variety of positions with our organization.  She is knowledgeable on all of our programs and projects.
If you would like to reach Katerina, she can be reached at

Mike Johnson - Employment Advisor
As a qualified employment counsellor, Mike offers years of experience helping clients achieve their employment goals.  Through our Skills Highway program, clients are eligible for employment readiness and skills training support, as well as on-the-job training opportunities.  If you are unemployed or underemployed and need some extra support, give Mike a call, or email him at

Mike Johnson - Village Greens Operations Coordinator
With over 20 years' experience working in greenhouse management, Mike is leading our new Village Greens project. Click here for more information about Village Greens.  

Emily Banks-  Youth Program Coordinator &
Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Coordinator
Emily oversees the V-Crew Youth Program, and can be found hanging out and interacting with local youth at our Youth Centre, located in the basement of the Valemount Curling Rink. 

For inquires about the V-Crew Youth Program, Emily can be reached at
For inquiries about the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, Emily can be reached at

Emily Banks-  Continuing Education Program Coordinator
Emily is also our Program Coordinator for all of the courses we are providing to the community.  If you have any ideas for courses, whether you would like to take a course or teach a course,
Emily can also be reached at