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Korie Marshall - President
Korie joined the Valemount Learning Society Board of Directors in 2013.  She brings so many skills to our Board, with experience working for businesses like the Rocky Mountain Goat Newspaper, Valemount Learning Centre and 3 Ranges Brewing Company.  Korie also volunteers with many other local non-profit boards and is passionate about food security, the environment and affordable housing.

Shelly Battensby - Vice-President
Shelly joined the Valemount Learning Society Board of Directors in 2018. For most of her working life, Shelly has provided client-centred service, previously as a coordinator for a non-profit organization and currently as a local realtor. Shelly is passionate about ethics, social justice, and youth, and considers herself an advocate for consumer rights and education.

Darcie Kwasnycia - Treasurer
Darcie is a former employee of the Valemount Learning Centre, and joined our board in November, 2020.  Darcie brings experience and insight as our former Continuing Education Program Coordinator and Employment Advisor, and has lived in Valemount since 2006.  It feels great to have Darcie back on our team as our Treasurer. 

Jennifer Scheller - Director
Jennifer has lived in Valemount for over 20 years, and has been a member of the Valemount Learning Society Board of Directors since early 2019.  She has worked in a variety of jobs over the years, and volunteers in many community organizations.  Her commitment to family and her knowledge of the community, with a focus on youth-related initiatives, makes her a valuable asset to our organization.

Jackie Edwards - Director
Jackie joined our board in November, 2020.  Jackie has experience in healthcare, education, farming, food security and board governance, and is now happily retired and living in McBride.  We are excited to have Jackie on our team and enjoy learning more about the needs of the McBride community, so that we can also offer services to our wonderful neighbouring community of McBride. 
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